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Flint Nodule Bottles

Burnished and Smoke Fired Stoneware Clay

H35cm x W10cm


Four Vessels, 2023

Mottled Gourd Vessel

Black Slate Vessel

Boatstone Flask 

Pebble Pot


Black Slate Vessel, 2023

Burnished and Smoke Fired Clay

H34cm x W20cm


Winged Flask, 2023

Burnished and Smoke Fired Stoneware Clay

W26cm x H10cm


Crescent Vessels, 2023

Burnished and Smoke Fired Stoneware Clay

Bethan Smith is an artist currently working under the creative name of Mudi. Born in North Wales and based in St Leonards on Sea, she draws inspiration from ancient craft and the natural world. Working intuitively with clay, she hand-builds distinctive objects and vessels that move between the primordial and the contemporary. Capturing, through her work, the essence of a moment spent outside where the landscape informs shape or an idea. 


Originally trained in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art, Bethan later transitioned into prop making and set design. Her journey into the world of clay was influenced by her mother, a ceramicist, and pottery teacher. Much of Bethan's work is burnished and smoke-fired, resulting in tactile surfaces reminiscent of water-rolled pebbles or aged wood, producing a rich palette of brown and black hues.

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