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Mudi is a collection of peculiars: unique objects made or found.

I seek out and select pieces that inspire a connection to traditional and spiritual creativity, with craftsmanship seen as both practice and ritual.

Carved, pinched, spun, and woven through the ritualistic handiwork of their mystery artisans, these creations possess unique stories. 

These objects are not only intended to be appreciated, but to bring an element of joy and curiosity into the lives of their keepers. Treasured then passed on; discarded, lost; then cherished again.

My own creations are influenced by the forms of the earth.

I make hand-built ceramics using the foraged materials of wild clay and ash. These vessels are left bare, glazed or painted using natural materials.


My prints and drawings are ink recreations of wild curios, and the sights and shapes found in the natural world.

10% of each found object sale goes to the Global Greengrants Fund, supporting and working with indigenous people and communities on the frontline, to protect our shared planet.

For enquiries please contact Bethan at

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